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CAS Engineering-DC Services

Infill Development
Working in the D.C. Metropolitan Area has given us a wide range of experience with different levels of infill development.  From razing a dated single-family dwelling and constructing a new modern home to demolishing a medley of run down commercial buildings to make way for the construction of a mixed-use high-rise, we provide a full range of services from project conception through construction.

Urban Renewal
As development across the D.C. Metropolitan Area has expanded so has our firm. We've worked in neighborhoods such as Columbia Heights, the Capitol Riverfront, and NoMa as part of many leading re-development teams. Working in these areas requires a great deal of coordination with a surrounding environment that is quickly changing throughout the project. Our experience in these venues keeps us connected with the most popular urban renewal neighborhoods in D.C.

Site Design
From site layout to grading and utility designs we provide site design that works with your goals and budgets, County and State regulations, and sound engineering principles.  We work for a variety of clients from homeowners to spec builders to developers and understand that each has different needs, desires, and budget constraints.  We get to know our clients individually and prepare designs that meet their expectations and goals.

Stormwater Management Design
As stormwater management regulations change and more emphasis is placed on improving the condition of our local waterways, Stormwater Management Design is becoming an essential part of any project.  We have experience from small lot stormwater management and environmental site design, to large high-rise stormwater management inside parking garages and via green roofs.

Subdivision Design and Processing
We offer subdivision services to assist with combining multiple lots into a single property or to subdivide a larger property into multiple smaller ones.  Our familiarity with the various zoning codes and submittal processes is invaluable if you are considering a subdivision project.  Our expertise in engineering is essential in determining the most advantageous and appropriate subdivision configuration.

Feasibility Studies
The process of buying and/or developing a property has inherent risks and unknowns. CAS Engineering-DC offers Feasibility Studies to help vet out potential issues and plan accordingly. Our Feasibility Services can be customized to focus on particular issues of concern or can be more generalized to give you a more complete overview of the development constraints.

Construction Stakeout
We offer Construction Stakeout to layout buildings, site utilities, etc. Providing Construction Stakeout ensures that features are built in the correct location and at the correct elevation.

Boundary Surveys
We offer Boundary Surveys as licensed surveyors in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia to formally establish your property boundaries and set your property corners.  In the District of Columbia we are also available to perform Survey-to-Mark Surveys that are recorded at the District of Columbia Office of the Surveyor.  On larger commercial projects we offer ALTA/NSPS Surveys as required by lenders.

Topographic Surveys
We offer Topographic Surveys to establish the location and elevation of all pre-development site features on a property.  Typically a first step in any project, a Topographic Survey helps to establish constraints and grades to ensure the final design meshes well with the site.  We can tailor our Topographic Survey to specific project needs and are often recognized for the level of detail on our survey products.

Expert Witness Testimony
We are available as licensed engineers and surveyors to provide Expert Witness Testimony for hearings and court cases.

Permit Processing
We offer Permit Processing for projects located in the District of Columbia and Montgomery County, Maryland to assist clients in obtaining building and other construction related permits. We utilize our knowledge of the permit processes and our relationships with reviewers to shepherd projects through a multitude of agency approvals.